Visito Apart-house

Visito Apart-house is designed to provide guests with ultimate comfort without paying for services they do not use, as is often the case in standard hotels.

During the apart-house construction and designing, we tried to think not as hoteliers, but as hosts. Therefore, in the apartments and rooms you will find everything you need for your stay – regardless it will be for 1 day or for a whole month.

8Rooms "Comfort" and "Classic"
52People capacity
47Countries visited us

What you receive

1. Atmosphere and coziness
Atmosphere and coziness comparable to home conditions
2. Location
Location in a central city area, within walking distance of major institutions and landmarks
3. Closeness
Closeness to metro, public transport, central bus station and railway station - within 6 minutes walking distance
4. Parking
Provided free parking
5. Extremely attractive prices
Extremely attractive prices and ongoing promotions

Why you pay less?

1. No reception
Our self-checking system does not require reception and unnecessary staff costs
2. Efficient cooling & heating
We built the most modern and economical installation for the heating and cooling
3. Energy from the Sun
Hot water is provided by solar panels, located on the roof of the building
4. Cook your own food
The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, so you can dine at your hotel